We receive iron and metal scraps from companies and households

Rautasoini Oy buys recyclable metal and iron scraps. Their pricing is affected by the amount and quality of the scraps. You should always ask about the price of your scrap iron batch and, as needed, about the delivery of a demountable container or receiver. When recycling metals, you can make use of our container and crane lorry service.

Contact us so we can discuss your scraps in more detail. We can receive the scraps at our Nekala location at Vihlojantie 16-18. We receive steel at our briquetting facility in Vehmainen, Tampere.

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At your service for scrap sales:

Matias Niemi

Matias Niemi

 020 7288 562

Jesse Rantanen

Jesse Rantanen

 020 7288 567

Kari Nikkola

Kari Nikkola, Ostopäällikkö
 020 7288 560

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