We buy and recycle all iron scraps and operate a hardware shop.

We are a family business with a long history and customers ranging from businesses to individual households.

Learn about our operations and contact us about services that interest you!

Contact Information

Rautasoini Oy

Vihiojantie 16-18 33800 TAMPERE

Tel. 020 728 8550


Finnish business ID: 0154730-7

Scrap purchasing

Matias Niemi
Tel. 020 728 8562 *

Jesse Rantanen
Tel. 020 728 8567 *

Kari Nikkola

Purchasing Manager

Tel. 020 728 8560 *

Briquetting facility

Hyllilänkatu 21
33730 Tampere
Tel. 020 728 8568 *

Hardware shop sales


Jukka Lehmus
Tel. 020 728 8559 *

Juuso Rantala
Tel. 020 728 8566 *

Mikko Isoeskeli
Tel. 020 728 8563 *

Misa Köykkä
Sales manager

Tel. 020 728 8561 *

Matti Soini
Tel. 020 728 8556 *

Tero Soini

Assistant manager

Tel. 020 728 8555 *

Piritta Laurila

Assistant manager

Tel. 020 7288 557 *

Financial administration

Sirkku Eskolin
Tel. 020 728 8554 *

Kirsi Schabarin

Counter person / billing

Tel. 020 728 8558 *

Occupation safety, environment and quality

Mika Niemelä
Tel. 020 728 8564 *

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Application to open an account

Please fill in the attached account establishment form and send it to us. Based on the information, we will check the applicant’s credit standing. In order to receive a positive decision, the applicant must provide complete and true information and have good credit. In this case, an account will be opened for the customer and we will create a customer number. The processing takes 3-4 days from the time we receive the application.

Contractual terms

  1. Rautasoini Oy retains the right to charge a valid collections fee, should we be forced to collect past due invoices.
  2. Rautasoini Oy has ownership and repossession rights on sold items, until they are paid for in full.
  3. The supplier of goods has the right to leave the goods to be delivered in the care of the customer at a place designated by the customer, even if the customer is not present to receive the delivery.
  4. The parties have the right of set-off for invoices received from one another. The right of set-off is valid from the moment of delivery.
  5. Rautasoini Oy has the right to define a credit limit and change it if Rautasoini Oy considers it necessary.
  6. Rautasoini Oy has the right to terminate the contract immediately, should Rautasoini Oy believe that the customer’s financial situation has changed in such a way that collection of the credit is at risk.
I confirm that the information above is true and accept the terms and conditions. I agree to pay penalty interest on any overdue payments.

Contact us and ask for a price for your scraps! We can pay quite well depending on the quality of the metal and its purity - read more under the Scrap purchasing tab. Purchasing and quality criteria as well as the potential price will be estimated when you contact us.

Hardware shop and demountable container service

Our Nekala location features a hardware shop that offers a wide variety of top-class steel products for construction. Our demountable container service is also an important part of our business. We deliver the demountable containers for collecting metal scraps to factories, for example, and later empty the filled containers. For smaller needs, we also offer collection receivers for metal scraps.

Scrap collection and reception

The majority of our iron materials come from companies. We of course receive and collect scraps from individual household customers as well. We can pick up batches from a customer’s home or they can bring the scraps to our shop. We can agree together on the option that best suits your needs. We can also discuss our other services that you may need.

Opening hours

Hardware shop:

Mon-Fri 7:30am - 4:30pm

Scrap collection:

Mon-Fri 7:30am - 4:00pm