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Vihiojantie 16-18

Our products

  • Steel pipes and panels
  • I and U irons
  • Steel materials and rods
  • Furniture and RHS pipes
  • Level rod and angle irons
  • Stainless and acid-resistant pipes and panels
  • Mesh
  • Foamed plastic
  • Chains
  • Lifting equipment according to classifications
  • A broad selection of trailer equipment for carts with and without braking systems
  • Other equipment for industrial and household needs

Sawing service

We also have a sawing service where steel pipes, rods and beams can be sawed to your specifications.

At your service in the hardware shop:

Jukka Lehmus

020 7288 559

Mikko Isoeskeli

020 7288 563

Juuso Rantala

020 7288 566

Misa Köykkä, Esimies

020 7288 561


E-mail addresses for our staff are as follows:

Most products are available directly from our warehouse. You can contact us in advance and ask about the situation for a particular product in our warehouse. If you want to open an account with us, you will find the application on our Contact information page.